Sunday, August 21, 2011

And Now, In Strange Requests...

My School Director: “Oh, you have a cat!  I forgot!”

Me:  “Yep... his name is Popsicle... he steals other people’s fish...”

Director: “Good! I have a very important question for you: can I have his poop?”

Me:  (pretty sure I’ve misheard the question)  “Umm... what?”

Director:  “I need his poop.  Like three days’ worth, and it needs to be fresh.  If I come back on Friday, can you save it until then?”

Me:  “Uhhh... yes?” (try really, really hard not to giggle)  “What’s it for?”

Director:  “Oh, it’s to do... something...”

Me: “Oh, okay... what thing?”

Director:  “Some.... thing...“ (looks evasively off into the distance) “You can keep it in a plastic bag and keep it outside so it doesn’t make your house smell.  You can put it...” (takes two full minutes to look around my complex for an appropriate cat poop stash spot)  “... oh!  In that empty building.  Put it there.  I’ll be back Friday.”

(We go to the buvette with the school accountant and have a serious nuts-and-bolts library project meeting.  I feel excellent about the beginning of the plans, though a little nervous about the actual implementation of them.  After an hour and a half we’re finished, and they drive me back home.  I get out of the car and walk toward my house, when out of the window my director yells his version of ‘good night, sleep tight’:)


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