Mailing Me - Tips, Tricks, and Important Info

The Basics:
 - My address is:
          Lissa G..., PCT
          Corps de la Paix Americain
          01 B.P. 971
          Cotonou, Benin
          Afrique de l'Ouest (West Africa)

 - Mail takes 2-4 weeks usually.  Make sure you write "Par Avion" and "Air Mail" on it so that it makes it at the normal speed.

 - Make sure you send a return address so that I can write you back, and thank you!

Tips and Tricks:
- Padded envelopes are always better than boxes -- they're faster, and I don't have to pay duty fees to get them.

 - You can write "Sr." in front of my name.... Sr. = Sister = nun.  People don't mess with nuns' mail as much, and the postal service sends it through faster.

 - Write something religious in French on the box or draw a cross (same logic applies).  A personal favorite: "Dieu te regarde." God is watching you.

 - A list of things I'd love to get, in case you're in the care package mood: Things I'd Love to Get (Houston Edition)