Monday, October 8, 2012

Top Ten Books Read in Benin

Hokay, so someone asked me to write a list of my top ten books read while in Peace Corps.  Obviously I accepted, as it is a list.  I'm standing here trying to whittle it down, though, and I'm having some trouble because I really seriously like books.  In order to simplify this process, I'm adding rules:

  • I can't put rereads on my top 10.
  • I'm basing my choices on how interesting and fun to read they were, not necessarily literary merit or smart factor.
  • I can put up to 15 books in my top 10.

There, that's easier.  In a kind of vaguely ranked order, except the first one (a must-read):
  1. Half the Sky -- Kristof and WuDunn*
  2. East of Eden -- Steinbeck
  3. The Poisonwood Bible -- Kingsolver
  4. The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay -- Chabon
  5. What is the What -- Eggers
  6. Cutting for Stone -- Verghese
  7. The Green Mile -- King
  8. No Country for Old Men -- Steinbeck
  9. Delusions of Gender -- Fine*
  10. The Fever -- Shah*
  11. Price of Honor -- Goodwin*
  12. Love in a Time of Cholera -- Marquez
  13. Breakfast of Champions -- Vonnegut
  14. In Defense of Food -- Pollen*
  15. A Tale of Two Cities -- Dickens

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